New additions to the layer coop…eventually.

Marans lay some of the darkest eggs, and they are playfully nicknamed "Chocolate Eggs".

Here they are, so beautiful and dark and lovely. These eggs belong to Marans and will be a fabulous addition to the colorfulness of my egg baskets! Not to mention, when you blow these eggs out and add a little shine, they are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ornaments! 🙂 The birds are nice to look at too and will fit in wonderfully here with our mixed flock.
One more week on the incubator with blue & black australorps, mixed easter eggers and then about 2 after that, these eggs will hatch. I should be able to get them into the incubator in the next couple of days.
By that time the geese will either have hatched their eggs or not, but I’ll at least finally know for sure if we’re going to have goslings this spring or not! I have a special kiddie pool waiting for them JUST IN CASE!
Can’t chat too much now, many things to do after a brief FREEZE last night. It got some of my less important crops, but nothing that will be too problematic around here.
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