The first eggs of 2012

My very best girlfriend has finally gotten the go ahead to get her own chickens from her family. She has been waiting for the household to be in agreement about the new additions before proceeding and I admire her ability to wait until the “right” time. So many of us, just get our chickens and don’t think twice about the consequences, or where we will keep them, or what they might need eventually. We just get a few and proceed with the daunting task of figuring it all out in a hurry. We had our first chickens before we had our first coop, she already has a new coop and is working out the details of the day to day care.

I was MORE than excited to find she had her eye on some of my own chickens and that I could actually hatch FOR her, the new babies she would eventually call her hens. I spent a couple of weeks choosing the very prettiest of my eggs, and selecting a good variety of colors, so that her future egg basket would be beautiful AND bountiful. Here they are.

Incubator full of eggs

2.5 dozen of our loveliest eggs

They are due approximately 2 weeks from now, and a couple of days. I’ll try and get a nice picture from the first candling early next week to share with you. I am expecting a slew of fuzzy faces with brown/blue/grey & splash feathering, blue & splash Australorps, and from the darkest of the eggs in there some kind of cuckoo feathering too.

I heard from another chicken lover that there was a show nearby this weekend on Saturday at the Tennessee Fairgrounds. I don’t know much about it at this time to tell you, but if I find anything out, I’ll blog it here for ya. If YOU know some details, please get in touch!

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