Beans & Cucumbers planted


Lexi & I spent half the afternoon preparing the bed for planting and replacing the outer wall. I broke a shovel digging it in, but I did it. I managed to remove what was a wood plant raised garden wall over 10′ long of rough cut timber and replace it with cinder blocks I gathered from all over the yard. It looks great and was worth every aching muscle I have now to prove it. Someday it will be two cinder blocks tall but for now, one is more than great.

New right hand block wall & plants ready to go in!

So I went out last night, in the dark with Husband in tow & planted in the newly updated front garden. I put out all the Green Beans I started as a fall experiment, as well as the 6 cucumbers we started too. I don’t have trellis so I just decided to mound them up, 2 to a mound and soon we will mulch them and just let the cucumbers fall where they may!
We still have to get a couple dozen lettuce & spinach in the ground, and then that will just about wrap up all the fall planting I’m willing to tackle this year. So much to do, so little time!

Cucumbers & Beans planted.

Dawn Suiter

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