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Welcome!  My name is Dawn Suiter and I’m glad you’ve stopped by!  Let me tell you about our little farmstead and take you on a tour.

The word farm conjures images of red barns, acres of land and livestock, usually in the form of a few cows, none of which we have here.  What we do have is a, dare I call it, a Hobby Farm or more of a mini-farm, a micro-farm even, it’s tiny.  I like to call it a Farmstead, somewhere between Homestead & Farm, because not only do we live & play here, our main focus is on food production for more than just ourselves. 

Dawn Suiter's TN Homestead or Hobby Farm in the Smoky Mountains

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Meet the Working Pets and Companion Animals
Head of Security Night Guard Nervous Nelly Hoover Dyson Bounty Lead Mouser New Recruit

Left to Right in order:  Head of Security, the Night Guard, Nervous Nelly, Hoover Dyson Bounty, Lead Mouser & our newest recruit to assist with the mousing & general pest control. 
Our “Head of Security” insists that the names of his fellow cohorts be withheld for security purposes.






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